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In 1976 Mr. Eric Susanto, who currently serves as the President Director of PT. Multi Megah Mandiri together with his family started its business by opening a small socks factory in Jakarta named Naga Mas Industries. Production entirely marketed without any brand in Pasar Pagi, a traditional market in West Jakarta.

Due to the increasing market demand, Mr Eric Susanto began to develop production and improve the quality and variety of products also determine the appropriate trademark with the quality that will be marketed and developed. And in 1983, came to the decision that to choose MUNDO Socks as the trademark.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  1. Being a manufacturing company producing high quality socks in Indonesia.
  2. Being a socks and underwear distribution number 1 in Indonesia.
  3. To be the number one retail sock in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

  1. Improving the quality of manpower as a company asset that increases production capacity and distribution.
  2. Improving product quality and diversity of product variations.
  3. Improve service to the customer.


Headquarters is located at Jl. Kamal Muara IX 26 Jakarta 14470


The factory is located at Jl. Kamal Muara IX No.26 Jakarta 14470


The Company has representative offices for the product distribution:
- Jabotabek Representative Office
Jl. Kamal Muara IX No.26
Jakarta 14470
- Representative Office in east Java
Jl. Semalang Indah V No.26
- Representative Office in West Java
Komp. Permai III Blok 36 A No.11
Bandung 40266
- Representative Office in Medan
Jl. Aksara I Blok D No. 217
- Representative Office in Central Java
Komp. Semarang Indah Blok C8/11
Jl. Madukoro Raya


After years of planning and studying the stores selling socks in foreign countries, finally in 2003 the first Sox Galeri shop were opened in Jakarta. Until now the Sox Galeri has 50 stores spread across leading Shopping malls in Indonesia. Sox Galleri also sells stockings, gloves, hat and the other as a complement to meet the needs of consumers beside socks.


By consistently maintaining good quality, the company gain trusted to open a counter at the department store in Indonesia. Until now we have 350 counters in department stores throughout Indonesia. In addition to counters in department stores we also have 3000 counters with scattered small-scale supermarkets, mini markets and other traditional stores.

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting our website.
Your satisfaction is always the first place to us.

For further information, suggestions / criticisms please contact us at:

PT.Multi Megah Mandiri
Jln Kamal Muara IX No. 26 Jakarta Utara 14470
Telp: 021-5552307, 021-5553901
Fax: 021-5553902

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Mundo is a pioneer brand for men's socks aimed at the upper middle class. Socks with lots of varieties of yarn such high quality Mercerized Cotton, PIMA Cotton, Modal Cotton, Bamboo Yarn, Wool and so forth.

Mundo Classic

Mundo Classic is another category of brand Mundo aimed for the middle class. Characteristic of Mundo Classic is an attractive color and design and an affordable price makes Mundo Classic gets the attention in the middle class society.


Socks made of high quality material and also pack with a special anti-bacterial treatment so it will not get moldy and does not smell bad.


Pringle socks made specifically for upscale men who love the world of fashion and dare to experiment with Pringle.


Men'secret is our latest new brand, created specifically for men who are young and love the world of fashion and trend. Men'secret products always offer high quality materials with trendy color combinations.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin was the first license brand of the company. Since 1992 we have worked closely with world renowned designer Mr. Pierre Cardin.

Calvin klein

Calvin Klein is a leading brand and well known all over the world, a very familiar brand in the world of international fashion for clothes products, watches, bags, to socks. It is an honor for us to be given the trust to be the sole distribution of Calvin Klein socks in Indonesia.

Sock House

Sock House is a family favorite sock brand at an affordable price. Intended provide good socks for the father, mother and children.


Arabina is a pioneer Muslim socks in Indonesia. Made with soft material and is suitable for use in the activities of the Muslim people.

Character Kid

Licensed socks for children with designs of famous cartoon characters in the world such as Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Winnie The Pooh, Cars, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tazmania Devil, Tweety, Snoppy.


Underwear Mundo is suitable for customers who care about the comfort and style, because it is made from high quality natural materials and attractive design. There are a variety of models such as the mini, tanga, trunk, boxer, singlets, v -neck tees , round neck tee and a full brief.


Biosil Underwear is made with high quality materials such as organic cotton, modal and viscose. The advantage of Biosil underwear is the addition of an anti-bacterial treatment that can kill the bacteria and fungi that cause odor.


Made from high quality materials such as cotton, bamboo and viscose so it is comfortable to wear. This product is only available in Sox Galeri and upscale department stores.


Underwear licensed from American brand that has been around since 1851. Made with an attractive design and quality materials. There are a variety of models such as the mini, tanga, trunk, boxer, singlets, v -neck tees, round neck tee and a full brief.


Was created for men who are young and fashionable. Not only designs and attractive colors, but the materials we choose high quality so comfortable to wear.


In addition Mundo also provide tie product which made from woven material with various colors and designs are exclusive, very suitable for young professionals.


Besides socks, Sox Galeri also provides stockings, pantyhose, leggings, protective hand like a glove, arm cover, wrist band, hats and accessories such as headbands and cellphone pouch.


In addition to men's socks, we also believed to distribute Calvin Klein products for woman that is special stockings with high quality materials.


Getting the attention from consumers and the public is a form of our existence. Appreciation of the audience is our greatest achievement, and who continue to spur us to provide quality products. This is accomplish by getting the awards from the following institutions:

Indonesia Superbrand
Indonesia Original Brands of SWA
Indonesia Most Favorite Brand Youth Brand of Marketeers
Indonesia Most Favorite Brand Youth Brand of Marketeers
Top Brand For Kids of Frontier
Indonesia Most Faforite Youth Brand Of Marketeers
Indonesia Original Brands of SWA
Indonesia Most Favorite Youth Brand of Marketeers

Sox Galeri


Sox Galeri is the first socks shop in Indonesia. With a new concept designed to meet the needs of consumers in Indonesia, especially for women who love the fashion world. The majority product of Sox Galeri is any kind of good quality socks for all occasion such as sports, casual and so forth. Socks are the initial focus of the Sox Galeri. However, a wide range of various fashion products can be found in the Sox Galeri such as gloves, stockings, hats, and so forth. The target market of Sox Galeri is women both young and mature. Sox Galeri has 50 stores spread across leading malls across Indonesia. In addition Sox Galeri can also be found in department stores.